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Stuff We Do

The Short & Sweet        

A solo 30 minute stroll around the neighborhood. Just enough time to "take care of some biz," do some exploring, and shake paws with the neighbors. Just me and your beloved pooch. No pack walking here!

The Watchdog            

 We take care of your Tail-Wagger while you are away. Currently, this service is only available in your home.

 * rates vary depending on size and situation. Additional pets are extra.


The Catwalk           

Okay, so its not really a walk, more like a friendly visit that includes playing, petting, and food. 


Early Bird or Party Animal:  +$5

For early morning or late night visits we ask for an additional $5. *Based On Availability*  See Schedule

Extra Dog Per Household (30 minute walk):  +$15

Have more than one dog? No problem. We ask for $15 for each additional pup.



Weekends are based on availability and are an extra $5.


Please let us know in advance, and they are an additional $10.


$75 *


+$5 - $15

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